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We offer 4 effective products for business:
Items catalog – your online store in minutes
Selling videos – selling your products through videos
Media Landings – a lead form to get applications
Paid videos – sell your courses and other videos
Items Catalog
Create your own online store in minutes. Payment acceptance is already set up. Money is credited to your wallet in the system and can be withdrawn to your bank account at any time.
Selling videos
You can add any video from your device or use YouTube-link and make it commercially interactive. While watching it, people will be able to buy your product or service in a few clicks.
Media Landings
Create forms on videos or images. Visitors will be able to request your services, sign up for a newsletter, take a survey, send application, or click on the link you specify.
Paid videos
Do you have interesting, useful videos that people are willing to pay for? Create a playlist of your videos and set up pay-per-view access. You can sell video courses or even movies that way.
We will help you in sales
There are many benefits to using tools from Boontar, and selling videos with the ability to purchase while watching them is a unique product.
Your products and videos are available on all popular devices
We see that in most cases, 80% of visitors to websites visit your links from their smartphone. But you can't neglect desktop users, either. Everything works.
Design as much as possible for convenience and maximum sales
We intentionally try to make all design decisions as simple as possible. People shouldn't just find it beautiful or interesting, but also understandable and without confusion. Click, enter data, pay.
Gather applications and gain an audience of customers through forms
Lead generation is an inexhaustible source of customers and therefore money. With forms in Boontar, you'll find customers, fuel your audience to the point where they become customers.
Sell and deliver goods nationwide and even overseas
We have delivered physical goods to more than 70 countries in the last 3 years. We can also help you arrange for fullfilment and delivery. From your door or warehouse to the buyer's door.
Get all the analytics on views of your products and videos
Google Analytics, FireBase, Boontar internal analytical tools. You will see how visitors behave, who eventually buys and who leaves.
Set up a synchronized work of all the tools and beat the competition
So: forms to make lead lists; a product catalog for sales; and selling videos for social media and messenger sales; and paid videos.
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